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Transcend the skin you're born in with


Transkins specializes in designing and providing a range of innovative prosthetics and adult toys tailored for the transgender community. Our products, including the exclusive Lifeline Prosthetics and the new SPFX Fabric Packer, aim to offer a unique blend of comfort, realism, and functionality.

"Welcome to the party!"



Our mission...

As a Black trans-owned and operated business, propelled by a dedicated team and a supportive community, our mission is to uplift, inspire, and provide quality products that enable individuals to transcend the skin they're born in.

New Arrival: Transkins SPFX Fabric Packer

Introducing the Transkins SPFX Fabric Packer, the ultimate solution for a cooler, more comfortable option for all-day wear. Crafted from premium-quality fabrics designed to enhance breathability and reduce the risk of germs, our SPFX fabric packer is what we deserve!

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Why Choose the Transkins SPFX Fabric Packer?


Cool Comfort

Experience a new level of comfort with our breathable design, keeping you feeling fresh all day.

Hygienic Assurance

Our high-quality materials are chosen to inhibit the growth of germs, ensuring your well-being.


Easy Maintenance

Say goodbye to the hassle! The Transkins SPFX Fabric Packer is Machine Washable for your convenience.


Custom moisture-wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable, even during the busiest days.


Enjoy added peace of mind with our antimicrobial features, designed to prioritize your health.

​​​With Transkins SPFX, you can "pack it and forget about it".

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Functional and Realistic

Lifeline Prosthetics Ultra STP/Packer: From Peeing to Packing...

Transkins is an exclusive distributor of Lifeline Prosthetics. Beyond looking hyper realistic, our Transkins products are also functional. Our silicone prosthetics are comfortable and can be used to pee- but not like those other prosthetics where you have to pee at half speed. With Lifeline Prosthetics Ultra STP/Packer, we promise to give you the best moment of relief with a guarantee that, "Nobody pisses this hard".

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Hand Painted, Hyper Realistic Skin Tones

Made for real people and real skin tones. Lifeline Prosthetics Ultra STP/Packers are hand crafted and hand colored to give the realistic and detailed skin colors. We want to give our Transkins community the confidence to enter any space.

Lifeline Prosthetics Ultra STP/Packer

What exactly makes our Transkins prosthetic the best in the world?

Soft Round Shapes


Patented funnel design for full stream pee action.


Molded from live castings & real bodies.


Silky smooth, ergonomic design for all day wear.


100% platinum cured silicone, skin safe & phthalate free



Get Your Transkins Today

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Customer Reviews

I just received it and I am speechless! The attention to detail, the realism, the color, the feel..I've never owned something like this before. Color matching as a POC has always been impossible, but this craftsmanship made me tear up, it's flawless! Thank you, thank you so much for such an outstanding product!!

The packer alone beats Emisil and Freetom.

- K C-

Hampton, VA

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